About Us

Soutron Global is a cloud-based Library, Knowledge, and Information Management Solutions provider dedicated to “Managing Library Transformation”.


We design, manufacture, market and service complete automation solutions to meet the unique needs of libraries and information centers around the world. We are committed to providing our clients with the most flexible and powerful information management system for corporate and special libraries.

We offer full service including system implementation, training, help desk support, software maintenance, user groups and library transformation council meetings. We pride ourselves in keeping on top of emerging technologies to help make the most of our clients’ hardware and software investment – now and in the future.


Benefits of Soutron Global Solutions:

Generate opportunities by improving access to information
Contribute to profits by cutting research material costs
Reduce costs by improving personal productivity

Soutron Global is a client-driven company with strong award winning leadership having extensive experience of delivering solutions to information centers and special libraries for over two decades. We partner with information centers and special libraries around the globe in transitioning organizations to digital technologies with innovative and high-quality products.

Soutron Global caters to libraries of every size – from single-branch institutions to large consortia. Our comprehensive products are flexible, customizable, easy to maintain and manage and Unicode-compliant with full multilingual capabilities. These products streamline operations and increase user satisfaction.

We are dedicated to developing the most creative solutions in close collaboration with our clients. Soutron Global leads the way in defining and designing efficient, user-friendly products that serve the needs of special libraries and information resource centers today, enabling them to transition into the future.

Leveraging its leadership position, its understanding of client needs, and its comprehensive solutions, Soutron Global enables libraries and information resource centers to maximize productivity and enhance the user experience.

If you’d like to find out more about us, please get in touch.