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Rochester Electronics

“Soutron is a very diverse content [management] system that allows you to tailor your database to the many needs you and your company have.

The biggest advantage [of Soutron] was the organization of information and searchability.  Our team’s workflows would be twice as long without this product.”

Meghan Turney, MLIS Senior Archivist, Rochester Electronics

National Sporting Library & Museum Logo

“The National Sporting Library & Museum selected Soutron for its database needs primarily because of the flexibility in its feature set. We are looking forward to working with Soutron as we unify our Library data and our Museum data, providing our audience with the ability to research sporting authors and sporting art in one place.”

John P. Connolly George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Librarian, National Sporting Library & Museum

Sound Transit logo

“Sound Transit is pleased to have Soutron as our new ILS vendor. We chose Soutron because of your high-quality product and presentation, competitive pricing, and software dedicated to improving the overall library experience for patrons. We have also been very pleased with the Soutron staff we have been working with in preparation for our ILS migration.

Bronwyn Dorhofer Research Librarian, Sound Transit

Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i

We chose Soutron Global because of the flexibility their system of customizable templates offers. With this system not only are our books, oral histories, and archival collection finding aids easily searchable by our users, but we will soon be able to make our photograph collection available to the public in a way that we weren’t able to previously. Tanya and Mary responded very quickly to all of our questions, and have provided excellent customer service.

Mary Campany Collection Librarian, Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i

Halliburton Landmark Logo

“Soutron is exactly what we were looking for to help us manage our library more efficiently and effectively.  Soutron Global has done a great job of understanding our needs, then providing us with an easy to use self-service checkout system which fits with our processes/workflows and therefore suits the way our clients like to work.”

Jacqueline Beattie Jacqueline Beattie, Content Management Lead, Neftex (Halliburton-Landmark)

Carle Foundation Hospital

Our migration to Soutron was seamless and the staff have been excellent with training, customer service and response to my questions.  Soutron is providing exactly what I needed.

Frances Drone-Silvers Biomedical Information Specialist, Carle Foundation Hospital

Christus Spohn Logo

“I can honestly say the true ‘selling point’ was when Tony Saadat was introduced as the President/CEO of this company. I am very familiar with Tony and have followed his career for several years. He is so innovative and always thinking ahead for new technology and processes.”

Leta Dannelley Library Director, Christus Spohn Health Sciences


“Customer service at Soutron is tops, a #10! The library of the International Fertilizer Development Center needed modern functionality to make the archives visible in every catalog search result. Using the Soutron solution, our staff will find the fertilizer research done in the past by our IFDC agronomists, engineers and economists, as well as find the groundwork and early research done by the Tennessee Valley Authority, the TVA scientists, so that IFDC’s and TVA’s work in fertilizer continues to help feed the world.”

Joyce L. Fedeczko Managing Librarian and Archivist, IFDC

Rochester Electronics Logo

“The management of the Intellectual Property Archives at Rochester Electronics requires an extremely flexible database with strong security. Soutron Global did not flinch at our requirements and was genuinely interested in the success of our very non-traditional library. I am confident that our partnership will result in the robust catalog and tight access control that we have promised to our clients.”

Teresa Powell IP Archives Technical Librarian, Rochester Electronics, LLC

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