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The Soutron Global vision is to simplify traditional library, information, and knowledge management solutions.


Our solutions are always designed to meet your needs and we tailor and make them specific to your organization and to your industry.  Our automation systems provide advanced workflows. We work with small specialized libraries and large multi-site organizations and we grow with you as your library needs evolve.

The Soutron Global solutions, don’t over-specify or complicate.

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Library Information Management System

Transform and simplify workflows associated with the acquisition, cataloging and circulation of your materials, while improving access.

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Soutron Archive

Showcase your archival collections!

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Skills Database

The Skills Database provides for the easy capture and codification of internal staff skills along with external partner expertise.

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Digital Asset Management

Increase the speed of access to your resources and documents.

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Knowledge Management

Harness the power of social knowledge networks by allowing users to contribute knowledge assets and share know-how.

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Soutron Global Discovery

Effortless access to all of your information resources with a single log-in.

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In fact, the simplicity of our hosted library automation services (at every level), is what makes Soutron Global unique.  Our design professionals have backgrounds in library, knowledge and information management. They transfer this experience into their design solutions. Allowing you and your organizations to manage varied library materials and information resources.

The Soutron Global intuitive workflow removes laborious tasks making your work effortless. Our workflow simplifies the on-going demands from sophisticated digital libraries.

Our innovative solutions offer feature-rich applications that are flexible and easy to use, with mobile capabilities. You can choose a cost-effective ‘no capital investment’, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Or if you prefer, a conventional on-site license.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to find out more about our solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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