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As a knowledge management professional, you are uniquely positioned to influence how your organization learns to explore, develop and exploit knowledge in all its forms.

Sharing knowledge is vital for organizations and the teams within but making sure it’s organized so that you can extract value from this knowledge has become a critically important function, as has the ability of users to add value to that knowledge via reviews, ratings, and more.

Soutron Global develops and supplies organizations with web-based and hosted solutions allowing you to create, organize, and share knowledge.  Our web-based solutions utilize mobile-friendly designs that are paramount in today’s digitalized world.


Cultivate the wisdom of your community


Social Knowledge Networks (SKNs) offer a new way of thinking about knowledge management by bringing together users and the “communities” in which they work to address business problems. The Soutron Global Knowledge Management solution provides a stable and flexible foundation on which to grow your SKNs by:

Actively managing research and information assets

Consolidating information silos

Managing disparate internal and external content

Providing searchable and browseable directories for information discovery

Including Web 2.0 social tagging, blogging and rating features


We can help you to increase knowledge retention and enhance your business performance by rapidly sharing experience and best practices across your business or membership organization.


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