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Soutron Global provides librarians and knowledge managers with feature-rich applications. Our Library and Information Management Systems are as sophisticated and flexible as you need them to be.


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Regardless of the industry you’re in, we can deliver better services for your members. Solutions that create operational and financial efficiencies for your organization. Utilizing an effective database tool to document, track and interact will allow your patrons to find the resources they need.  Patrons will experience efficiency and searching with ease.

A branded library portal, with 24-hour access through an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) will provide you access to your resources in text, audio, and video formats.  Mobile friendly, you can also search and access your resources from any device.


The Soutron Global Library Portal uniquely provides:


Soutron Thesaurus

Simplifying information classification, guiding users quickly and efficiently to the most appropriate information.


Security Classification

Control what your users, or guests, are able to do and see within the system.


Inquiry Reference Management

Record and track questions, aggregate repeat requests to create an FAQ to eliminate duplication of work.


Advance Bookings

Enable users to reserve resources for a future date.


Document Submission

Registered users can submit moderated content directly to the catalog.


Reviews & Ratings

Aggregated user-assigned ratings and reviews can appear in the OPAC display, enabling knowledge sharing services.


This highly flexible and functional repository manages a wide variety of physical and electronic materials. It comes with sophisticated cross-referencing, poly hierarchical thesaurus and full-text electronic document indexing. It also features:

Custom data templates: Accommodate any non-bibliographic information such as research notes, abstracts, legal briefs, paintings etc.

Unique search navigation aids: Helping you to access, select and aggregate material from across your library system into content types and helping users to easily find the resources they need.

Circulation: Manual or automatic barcode transactions with pre-defined loan periods and automatic overdue email notices.

Self-Circulation: Registered users of your library can borrow, renew and return items for self-check-in/out of materials using barcodes or RFID technology.

Auto cataloging from sources such as Library of Congress, COPAC, and Google

Copy/bulk copy management


Library Administration

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Acquisitions: Manage suppliers and acquisition of all types of materials including books, electronic materials, and serials.  Place standing or regular orders for a receipt to one or multiple sites. Structure budgeting and accounting to reflect your organization to include multi-currency accounting.

Serials and Electronic Serials Wizard: Simplify ordering and accounting of serials to easily record details, apply your own enumeration and change the frequency of serial issues at any time.

Reporting: Run or schedule any report, from any location. You choose the format that you need; from pdf, xls, doc, rtf and txt formats.

Enhanced Inquiry Reference Management: Incoming email capture, status tracking and automatic administrator alerts and user-responses.


System/Database Configuration

Your library system administrator can easily design and maintain your database by creating fields, content types, and record templates, or we can help by doing this for you.


Integration Services

Streamline processes and share information by integrating your library management system with other aspects of your organization. The application programming interface (API) allows your webmaster to retrieve data and present it in a website or third-party application or to use the repository within a federated search tool. Using this facility, you can create a single sign-on (SSO), automatically reflecting changes in a user’s record.


For more information, or to talk to us about how Soutron Global can transform your library, please get in touch.

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