Managed “Cloud-based” Hosting


Soutron Global Cloud is a comprehensive hosting service that provides end-to-end managed care for all types and sizes of libraries and information resource centers. It offers streamlined, scalable, fully managed library, knowledge and information management systems within a highly secure IT network and storage facility.

Corporate libraries and information centers of all sizes have chosen Soutron Global’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) managed cloud-based hosted solution as they seek to improve accessibility, service quality, efficiency, and reduce costs.


Key Benefits for Your Library, Knowledge Network or Information Center


No Delays

You don’t have to wait for internal support – all you need is a browser and access to the internet and you are in business.


Cost savings and efficiency

You don’t need to buy, manage or back-up any server. Being cloud-based, you’ll benefit from regular software updates. You don’t need to worry about maintaining the system yourself, but you will enjoy being up-to-date giving you a competitive edge.


Disaster Recovery and Backups

Backups are performed for you automatically and in the event of a disaster, your system stays on-line to provide business continuity.


End User Access

Our global network is faster and more reliable than any network an average company can manage. Soutron Global’s cloud-based managed hosting goes beyond your expectations to serve as a transparent extension of your organization.   As it is mobile-friendly it allows your users the freedom and flexibility to access information on-the-go, at the office, even at home.

Contact us to discuss how our cloud-based digital library, knowledge and information management solutions can help you achieve your objectives quickly, cost-efficiently and with minimum disruption.