Soutron Global offers a variety of training programs to quickly familiarize you with your new library, knowledge management or information management system. Our friendly, patient, experienced trainers will share their product knowledge, answer questions about your particular challenges and help you to make the most of your new system with hands-on exercises.

Whether you require onsite training at your premises or web-based training, you’ll find that sitting at your own workstation while you train is much more effective than classroom-style tutorials.


Onsite Training

Tailored to your needs, onsite training is efficient and cost-effective.

Our sessions help you explore the latest features of your new system with hands-on, instructor-led exercises. The tools we use for training contain full text, bibliographic and imaging elements to accommodate users of all professions. All participants receive well-organized course materials for future reference.


Web-based Training

A highly dynamic and flexible way of learning at your own desk, web-based training allows you to ask questions at any time and immediately see the answer demonstrated on your screen.

Clients who have experienced our web-based training agree that the low student/instructor ratio and getting immediate feedback while in the comfort of their own office makes this training very effective.

Accessing web-based training is simple – all you need is a computer, phone, and internet browser to participate.

Once you’ve scheduled your training session, you’ll use our GoToMeeting software which temporarily establishes a web-based connection between your computer and Soutron Global for sharing visuals and online interaction.

If you’d like to find out more about our training services and to train your staff to get the most from your system, please contact us