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Soutron Global works alongside organizations across a wide-range of industries. 


Irrespective of what industry you’re in, do you experience any of the following?

Pressured to focus more on the digital library and on innovation and less attention on the physical library

Think you are bound by what your organizations can afford, build or maintain

Need to increase the visibility and accessibility of your services, inventories, or collections to demonstrate value

Need to focus less on managing internal infrastructure and more on managing relationships and building new profitable partnerships

Regardless of your industry, the scalable infrastructure of Soutron Global technology allows the librarian or information manager to re-imagine the delivery of library and information services.

We lift the barriers on how knowledge workers collaborate.  How they communicate, conduct research, share information, share communities and deliver services.

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Gavel on a laptop


Keep up-to-date with regulatory changes, legal precedents and other information critical to the practice of law.

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Man typing on a laptop keyboard


Improve delivery of public services while managing costs.

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Mobile phone and laptop synchronizing


Improve information flows and manage the vast and growing volumes of information.

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Stack of colourful pamphlets

Not for Profit

Manage your organization’s information in cost-effective ways.

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Medical profession at a computer


Bring up-to-date information to those who need it the most.

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Workers discussing work around a laptop


Most organizations need to disseminate information and extract value from accumulated knowledge.

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